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At Anderson, everything we do aims to provide confidence and protection through insurance to the community. All our services are centered on the pillars of:


Your security is our priority and we work towards ensuring it with honor and dignity. With us, you will never feel short-changed but get value for your money.


We believe that an educated client is an empowered client. We walk you through every policy and guide you in every decision so that you choose the best coverage for your needs.


Our services personify efficiency and thoroughness. We record and evaluate the smallest details to deliver a wholesome customer experience.


Our clients are our family. Every need is addressed like our own as we work with you to create coverages as unique as your risk exposure.

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Our Services

We Specialize In

Auto Insurance

Covers your vehicle if it gets damaged or stolen and also pays for losses caused to the other driver/ passerby

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Home Insurance

Covers your home and its belongings against theft, vandalism, etc.

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Life Insurance

Supports your loved ones and pays for your final expenses without burdening others

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Business Owners

Protects your business and assets against third-party liability claims

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General Liability

Pays for bodily injury or property damage claims filed by a third-party

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Trucking Insurance

Covers your truck and the items stored in it from risks related to transit

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